GaN-based optoelectronic devices (LEDs, laser diodes)

  • – Study of the physical mechanisms that limit the internal quantum efficiency of GaN-based LEDs and laser diodes emitting in the visible, NUV and DUV spectral region, based on combined EL, differential carrier lifetime, deep level transient spectroscopy measurements.


  • – Analysis of the reliability-limiting mechanisms in GaN-based LEDs and lasers: characterization of defects, analysis of the failure modes, definition of models for the degradation processes, failure analysis; study of the effects of EOS and ESD at device and system level.
  • -System level analysis of GaN LEDs and lasers, aimed at maximizing of efficiency and reliability: thermal characterization (IR mapping, true estimation of junction temperature), optical simulation, impact of driving conditions on system reliability, material issues related to high-power lightning systems (phosphors, package, lenses).