European Projects


Fondo per il Programma Nazionale di Ricerca e Progetti di Rilevante Interesse Nazionale (PRIN)”Finanziato dall’Unione EuropeaNextGenerationEU,”Studio di LED UV, e relative affidabilità e applicazioni”

The goal of this project is to substantially contribute to the development of high-efficiency UV LED emitters, and to investigate the use of UV LEDs for virus inactivation. For the first time, will use a bottom-up approach, from semiconductor fabrication/research, to device modeling, to illuminator design, to testing in the field.


EDF -European Defence fund

The AGAMI_EURIGAMI project (European Innovative GaN Advanced Microwave Integration) in Europe seeks to bolster and facilitate the development of an unlimited, competitive, and strategic supply chain for high-performance radio frequency electronic components utilizing Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology. These components are crucial for various technological fields including existing and future critical military systems. The project’s research activity are concentrated on enhancing European technological solutions to incorporate high-performance GaN technology across the supply chain, semiconductor manufacturing, integrated devices, circuit processing, and encapsulated systems.

Establishing a supply chain within Europe yields numerous benefits, including a more streamlined system, enhanced device reliability, and the production of highly competitive products.


ECSEL Joint Undertaking (JU) under grant agreement No 101007319

The main goal of AI-TWILIGHT is to merge the virtual and physical worlds to pave the way for innovations in fields where the European lighting industry is likely to be competitive. Self-leaning digital twins of lighting systems (LED source, driver of a lighting application) will be created and used as input for predicting performance and lifetime of product and infrastructure design and management in an autonomous world.

When translated to business goals, objectives will result in the introduction of more customized and connected products by 20% while reducing the time to market by 30%, and reducing by 25% the total cost of ownership of an AI-TWILIGHT powered system.


5G_GaN2 project will substantially lower the cost and power consumption, and increase the output power of mm-wave active antenna systems. The maximum output power and energy efficiency results will be possible thanks to the use of advanced Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology. In addition, low-cost packaging techniques for digital applications will be further developed to reach the cost and integration targets.

Ultimate GaN

UltimateGaN will focus on the next generation of GaN technology particularly addressing six major objectives along and across the entire vertical value chain of power and RF electronics focusing on research and innovation in the fields of technology (including materials, equipment and device concepts), packaging, reliability and application.


Under the coordination of the European Defense Agency, several companies and universities have decided to make Europe become a leading supplier of GaN-on-SiC devices, competing with traditional centres. EuGaNiC will create a positive environment to develop a fully European value chain.


                                               Intelligent Reliability 4.0

Intelligent Reliability 4.0 (iRel40)” has the ultimate goal of improving reliability of electronic components and systems by reducing failure rates along the entire value chain

InRel Npower

Innovative Reliable Nitride-based Power devices and applications

Efficient power conversion systems are at the heart of the worldwide effort for a green economy, since they can minimize losses and save energy. Semiconductor power devices are a central part of any power conversion circuit and are ubiquitous in our daily lives: they transform voltages for a multitude of appliances, such as from the 220V AC mains to a 12V DC end-user appliance and enable to convert from DC (such as a battery in an electric car) to AC (such as a motor drive) and vice versa. Highly efficient power switching devices are a key for successful introduction of full electric vehicles into the market.The InRel-NPower project aims to contribute to this world-wide challenge through the development of GaN- and AlN-based power devices


Reliability physics of scaled, high-frequency GaN HEMT technology: a built-in reliability approach 

The aim of this project is studying the physics of failure of  0.25 and 0.15 µm AlGaN/GaN HEMTs for space applications.


Enpowering GaN-on-SiC and GaN on SI technologies for the nexr challenging millimiter wave applications

The aim of this project is an in-depht analysis of the potential problems that may hinder the scaling of GaN HEMTs at or below 0.15um