We just published one of the first papers of the ECSEL/ UltimateGaN project. This is a collaboration with IMEC , on GaN-on-Si vertical devices for efficient power conversion . Here we propose a model for the gate capacitance, based on combined experimental measurements and simulations. Many thanks to all co-authors! More on the UltimateGaN project on the official website http://www.ultimategan.eu/

See the article:

Modeling of gate capacitance of GaN-based trench-gate vertical metal-oxide-semiconductor devices

Matteo Borga1Kalparupa Mukherjee1Carlo De Santi1Steve Stoffels2Karen Geens2Shuzhen You2Benoit Bakeroot3Stefaan Decoutere2Gaudenzio Meneghesso1Enrico Zanoni  and  Matteo Meneghini

Published 5 February 2020 • © 2020 The Japan Society of Applied Physics
Applied Physics ExpressVolume 13Number 2