Matteo Buffolo

Matteo Buffolo was born in Vittorio Veneto (Italy) in November 1986. In 2014 he received a Master Degree in Electronic Engineering […]

Carlo De Santi

Carlo De Santi was born in Verona, Italy, in 1985. He obtained his Master’s degree in electronic engineering in 2010 and

Gaudenzio Meneghesso

1967 Born in Padova on March 03, 1967 1992 Laurea degree in Electronics Engineering at the University of Padova (110/110);

Matteo Meneghini

Matteo Meneghini received his PhD in Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering (University of Padova), working on the optimization of GaN-based LED

Enrico Zanoni

  Enrico Zanoni, born in Legnago (Verona, Italy) in 1956, graduated in Physics summa cum laude at the University of

Fabiana Rampazzo

Fabiana Rampazzo received the degree in Physics from the University of Padova in 2001 working on characterization and reliability of

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