Matteo Bertoncello

Research Assistant

After the scientific high school diploma, I attended electronic engineering degree course. I received master degree in electronic engineering on October 2018 at University of Padova.


Before my current experience at the microelectronics group, I worked at Baxi S.p.A company as electromagnetic compatibility technician.

Now I work as Research scholarship at Department of information engineering of University of Padova.

I deal with PV research, in particular thin film photovoltaic device like CdTe or Sb2Se3 solar cells.


I also carried out tutoring activities for the electronics course  of bachelor degree in information engineering.


My pubblications:

M. Bertoncello, M. Barbato, M. Meneghini, E. Artegiani, A.  Romeo, G. Meneghesso,Reliability investigation on CdTe solar cells submitted to short-term thermal stress”, Microelectronics Reliability, 2019.